Thursday, September 4, 2014

AppShape++ and SSL offloading

After running my fist AppShape++ script, I was wondering if it will work with SSL offloading as well.

Lets try it out, using my lab setup again, and I'll be adding on top my previous lab.

First I'll need to create SSL policy on the Alteon VA version

 /c/slb/ssl/sslpol mySSL_Pol
        cipher "high"

This will select only high security encryption and integrity algorithms.

Next we need to create a self signed certificate:

>> LB1 - SSL Policy mySSL_Pol# /cfg/slb/ssl/certs/srvrcert

Enter server certificate id: mySRV_Cert
[Server certificate mySRV_Cert Menu]
     name     - Set descriptive certificate name
     generate - Create or update self-signed server certificate
     del      - Delete server certificate
     cur      - Display current server certificate configuration

>> LB1 - Server certificate mySRV_Cert# gen
This operation will generate a self-signed server certificate.
Enter key size [512|1024|2048|4096] [1024]: 2048
Enter server certificate hash algorithm [md5|sha1|sha256|sha384|sha512] [sha1]: sha256
Enter certificate Common Name (e.g. your site's name):  *
Use certificate default values? [y/n]: y
Enter certificate validation period in days (1-3650) [365]: <enter>  
Self signed server certificate, certificate signing request and key added.

We also need to enable SSL globally:


Now lets add SSL offloading to virt 6_10:

 /c/slb/virt 6_10/service 443 https/ssl
        srvrcert cert mySRV_Cert
        sslpol mySSL_Pol
 /c/slb/virt 6_10/service 443 https/appshape
        add 10 group_by_host

Notice that not only SSL offloading was added, but also we applied the AppShape++ script.

Lets try it out:

Notice that the background is still blue, which means its HTTPS and that the SRV_PORT is 80, so we really have SSL offloading and the AppShape++ script works with SSL offloading too.

So yes! AppShape++ works also when using SSL offloading.