Tuesday, October 28, 2014

GNS3 1.1

I was never a big fan of GUI tools, so I used dynagen and dynamips for my network designs. But since 15.2 was the last version released for 7200, dynamips is no longer useful (especially for IKEv2 and OSPFv3 stuff)

I was hoping that Cisco would release VIRL, and they promised to do so for the past year and a half, but it looks like it will never come. Shelling out 10K$ for CML (the payed version of VIRL) is a bit too much for most of us. But there is a good alternative:

Not long time ago GNS3 version 1.0 was released and soon after version 1.1. was released too. And after long time of being a backer for their funding campaign I have decided to try GNS3 with IOU.

After installing GNS3 on both linux and windows (vmware required), I found that GNS3 is really easy to use, and that IOU is AMAZING. IOU is sooooo fast, and everything just works(tm). I wish I had it years ago!

Goodbye dynamips and dynagen, and thank you so much.

Hello IOU and GNS3. I know it will be a start of a wonderful friendship :)