Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Alteon SSL key import wows

I was trying to import a new certificate with an SSL key, but it was without success.

But as usual, before trying that on production, I tried that on my lab setup. It was done without any problems.

But when trying with the production Alteon, running the same 29.5.1 version, I got this message:

Enter key passphrase:
Error: The private key is not a valid RSA key

Error: Failed to extract key XXXXX

After trying it several times, comparing some random strings inside the key I noticed a lag when I pasted the key to the production Alteon. The reason for the lag was SecureCRT that was configured to insert delays between keys. This feature is extremely useful with pasting large text into NX-OS.

My lab setup is with the default Line Send delay of 5ms and Character send delay of 0ms.

So I tried to use the lap SecureCRT delay setup on my production Alteon, and to my surprise it worked!

So to sum up: when pasting to Alteon 29.5.1, you better use the default SecureCRT delay settings.

One more thing and this will save you precious time digging through the command reference:

"key" and "srvrcert" names must be identical