Friday, November 14, 2014

GNS3 - ASAv and XRv and IOU and XEv

I am able to run ASAv and XRv and IOU and XEv on my la;ptop, forming OSPF neighbor relationship between them.

I then pinged each loopback from the ASA and also pinged each loopback from IOU. This test shows:
  • One way broadcast and one way unicast are working - ARP
  • Unicast is working - ICMP
  • Multicast is working - OSPF

All thanks for GNS3 v1.1. Isn't it great?

Here is the topology:

And here is some show commands from the ASA:

GNS3 integration with Virtual box is very useful. Whatever you can run inside Virtualbox, you can connect to each other with endless possibilities.

My system76 laptop is running Ubuntu 14.04, 16GB, i7 and SSDs.

I was using the following resources: