Thursday, January 29, 2015

CCIE Lab or dual CCIE written preferred

I got this sent from a friend of mine who is looking for a job. The job description asked for "CCIE Lab or dual CCIE written".

I wonder who wrote this stuff?

CCIE written is easy. It is not a certification exam.

The exam is not intendant to mean anything other than a ticket for the lab or to recert and existing CCIE certification, so Cisco is not putting too much effort into it. For example there are no simulations, everything is a multi-choice, so it is easy to eliminate absurd answers.

Most if not all CCIE candidates, who are already CCNPs, are surprised how easy it is. Many are fooled to believe that the lab is anywhere close to being at the same level of difficulty and depth.

If I was a CCNP, I would have preferred to take CCIE written to recert over the CCNP exams.

If I was hiring, I would prefer a dual CCNP over dual CCIE written anytime. In fact, I would prefer a humble CCNP than someone who passed the written and brags about it.